I am doll eyes, Doll mouth, Doll legs, I am doll arms, Big veins, Dog bait, Yea they really want you, They really want you, They really do, Yea they really want you, They really want you, But I do too, I want to be the girl with the most cake, I love him so much he just turns to hate 2004-04-29 9:40 a.m. qI don't know what I am suppose to do with all the time on my hands. I really have nothing to do besides painting and watching tv. Kurt leaves everyday and says , do something today will ya. But honestly if he was in this situation im not sure he'd have anything granduer to do either. Well, I may be starting a program at Empire State College. I need to get an art portfolio together. I am unsure If i can actually do it, based on my nearly nothing income. My parents can't help me. they have like no money. my mom helped me a lot the other day but she could only spare so much.

What I am in need of is a friend. someone to hang out with everyday. someone who can go places with me and just lounge around, go to the beach with me to tan and someone who is just plain fun. why can't i find this person. I am truly upset over this. I am new to NY. for the most part. so it's hard. wa wa. i know. but it would just cure a lot of things.

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