I am doll eyes, Doll mouth, Doll legs, I am doll arms, Big veins, Dog bait, Yea they really want you, They really want you, They really do, Yea they really want you, They really want you, But I do too, I want to be the girl with the most cake, I love him so much he just turns to hate 2004-05-23 5:06 p.m. qso, i am going home for the week. I called my mom to tell her and the first thing she said was, why? why?! because i wanna visit thats why. it was wierd to hear her say that. then she was like, do you think you'll be able to do it. of course i would. although i guess this will be the first time i go up there since last september. but, i think it will be nice. I will be able to hang out with my sister and maybe get my hair cut and i will see my mom, dad and brother. I wont have much to do during the day, but that's no different from being in NY. What's really nice is I will be able to see Allison. I miss her a lot. she and i have a connection that one can't find everyday. we have been out of touch in so long, i dont think i have seen her seen her,in years! im really not sure the last time i saw her. wierd. maybe she can fill me in on some information about bipolar disorder since i know little about it. I will bring THe Simple Life so we can watch it. cause that is me and her all the way. I am definately like paris hilton and she is definately like nicole ritchie. together we caused a lot of ruckas in our past.

Im not doing so good on the wieght loss, but i am drinking more water , eating tomato soup and crackers for lunch and fruit for breakfast. Its dinner time that usually gets me. I dont make my dinner , so i have to eat whatever is served, and if nobody cooks kurt and i have to go out and get fast food or pizza. i usually get a crappy salad from burger king. although i heard that mcdonalds has this new thing, the adult happy meal, a large salad with bottle of water. i have to get that. okay, im rambling. later

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